Enough is Plenty

Public and Private Policies for the 21st Century
Anne B. Ryan

enough is plenty

What would it be like if we put human and planetary well being at the centre of all our decision making? Enough is the basis of a rewarding contemporary answer to that question. This book explores:

  • Enough as an intrinsically moral and ecological philosophy, which can help provide a vision for positive futures.
  • Practical public policies of enough (carbon quotas, citizens’ income and intelligent agriculture), which could improve quality of life for all people on earth, and save the planet.
  • How each reader can restore and build up personal resources for enough that already already exist within us all.

Enough is an ancient ‘master concept’, which today finds renewed and updated expression in a variety of proposals for transition to a better world. Each of us has an innate sense of enough; everybody can play a part in the movement of enough and at the same time improve daily well being. This book is a unique blend of ideas, practice and resources, integrating philosophy, morality, ecology, spirituality, self-help, citizenship, leadership, economics and politics.

Published by O Books.
ISBN: 978-1-84694-239-6