Help Spread the Word

About the concept of Enough

You can help spread the word about the book and about the concept of enough by:

  • Reviewing the book on amazon (preferably on both and – just follow the steps on the websites about how to do it).
  • Suggesting the book for review in any newsletters or periodicals you read or work with.
  • Asking your local library to order the book.
  • Distributing flyers at any conferences or gatherings you might be organising or attending (I can send you flyers; email me).
  • Suggesting the book for discussion in book clubs you are part of.
  • Mentioning the book and website on any relevant websites, email lists, twitter accounts, social networking sites or blogs you are active in.
  • Sharing with me any media contact names you might have, so that I can seek reviews or features. Email me here.

I’m also available for talks, workshops, panel discussions, etc. See ‘Talks and Other Activities’ for more information.